Hewitt Area Fire Department

Fire Chief's Message

I am honored to serve as the Hewitt Area Fire Department's Fire Chief. It is a pleasure for me to take this position and be an asset to the department in this capacity. I could not pass up the opportunity to lead a department in an area I truly admire and am excited to be living in. It is great to be able to come and head an outstanding department staffed with outstanding volunteer men and women. I am obliged to lead a group of passionate, dedicated firefighting and emergency medical services personnel whom are committed to serving the residents of the Village of Hewitt, Township of Marshfield, and the surrounding area.

It is also a privilege to work with the residents of the Village of Hewitt and the Township of Marshfield and to contribute to their overall safety. I am passionate about community outreach and establishing a proactive department rather than a reactive department. It is important to educate the community about fire safety and prevention. As we service you and come into your home to provide the utmost care, we also have a commitment to keep you abreast of fire safety measures and protocols you can implement to ensure the safety of you and your family. We will continue to work hard to uphold that commitment and to prevent each of you from suffering the effects of a potential fire.

As we move forward as a department, I look forward to the great things we shall accomplish together, and the accomplishments that have already been achieved. The Hewitt Area Fire Department will continue its custom to provide the best fire suppression and emergency medical services to the Village and the Township.

Brian Hafermann
HAFD Fire Chief


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